How Can I Get More Self-Esteem?

Those who struggle to maintain a high level of self-confidence may often find themselves in negative mindsets which affect how you see yourself and how much self-esteem you have. You can spot a negative mindset by recognizing the amount of “never” and “always” talk which ultimately makes you feel hopeless and trapped. Here’s a few mindsets that may be familiar to you if you struggle to get more self-esteem.

“I am never going to do it correctly.”

Is this the way you talk to yourself? You are actually discouraging yourself from trying new things and improving things you could work on. You are making it easy to just give up.

“No one else is going through this.”

Suffer from low-self esteem? That can make it seem like everybody else in the world has their life together except for you. This can leave you feeling isolated and lost, as if you are stuck behind while everyone is living their life.

“I have no value.”

Lack self-confidence? If so, you may have a hard time believing you have anything to contribute to the world. You may also feel like your part in your relationships and work is unimportant.

“I am going to be a failure forever.”

It is impossible to fail at each and every thing. Yet, low-confidence people often feel that they are constantly failing. This mindset causes you to feel like all that you do is a failure, while this may not be true.

“I cannot do that.”

Struggling to gain self-confidence? You may see someone living the kind of successful life you want, then have this reaction. Rather than becoming inspired to create a good lifestyle yourself, you become jealous and depressed, dwelling on the idea that you cannot obtain what this person has.

Get More Self-Esteem

How Do You Overcome These Kinds of Mindsets?

Want to destroy these negative mindsets? They sure are conducive to low self-esteem. To overcome them, you have to reprogram the way you process your thoughts. Observe these negative thought patterns and self-talk, then alter it to a productive and positive mindset and more self-confidence.

For instance, stop telling yourself “I am never going to do it correctly.” Nip this thought in the bud and exchange it with something better. Instead, go with, “I am not great at this currently, but effort and seeking help will allow me to succeed.” Instead of saying “I cannot do that,” tell yourself “I want to do this! There is nothing stopping me from having the lifestyle I want if I put in the time and effort.”

Sometimes, counseling or therapy is a good way to get over negative mindsets. However, you can start setting realistic goals and start to believe you can succeed. You can do this entirely on your own and get more self-esteem than you’ve ever had up until now.

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