Me and Stila Cosmetics sittin’ in a tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Don’t know about love, marriage, or anything showing up in a baby carriage these days but if you’re looking to spruce up your makeup, here’s your guide to the best Stila cosmetics, where to get ’em, and how to apply them. Plus, if you’re very, very good (okay, even if you’re naughty!), I’ll give you the scoop on how to get Stila samples and a poofy Kabuki brush for free. 

This is kind of an exhaustive guide, so maybe bookmark it for future reference. For me, learning how to do makeup is all about “monkey see, monkey do” and it takes a bit of practice not to end up looking like the creature from the 80’s.

Stila Cosmetics

But First Things First… How Do You Pronounce Stila?

Still-ah, Still-ay, Steel-ah, Steel-ay, Stell-a? I don’t know about you, but if I can’t pronounce something, I just move on to another product I can! Helps to ensure you don’t get stink-eye from the lady at the makeup counter, right? So, here it is… Steel-ah.

5 Reasons Women Love Stila Products

Discovering the perfect cosmetic line for you is not always the easiest thing to do, yet a lot of women over 40 love them some Stila – so if you’re in the market, it’s certainly worth taking for a spin. Especially considering the changes our complexions are going through, it’s important to consider not just the color and style, but also the quality along with how our skin reacts to whatever we put on it. I don’t know about you, but having to deal with breakouts on top of emerging wrinkles just seems unjust. So, I’m really careful about what I put on my face. 

Side Note: My co-author, Susan, has been using Crepe Erase on her neck and decolletage for about a month.
You might want to check out her review (and how she’s escaped the auto-ship ‘trap’ nobody likes!)

Here are some reasons Stila cosmetics are so popular:

  1. Stila offers a huge cosmetics product line that suits any style, tone, or taste. They carry a full line of concealers, primers, illuminating foundations, moisturizers, face powders, pigments, lip gloss, lipstick, lip glaze, mascara, a huge variety of eyeshadows, and pencil and liquid eyeliners. It’s kind of a one-stop-shop for makeup, and some pros recommend sticking to one brand rather than mixing and matching. Probably something to do with science and chemical compatibility. It kind of makes sense.
  2. The product line is relatively affordable. You want that sweet spot where you’re not worried about putting products with sub-par, sketchy ingredients but you’re also not taking out a second mortgage just to do your face. Also, you can get free samples with every order. That makes it easy to try a little something new everytime you re-up.
  3. Stila’s about celebrating individual style more than following the crowd – although their product line includes seasonal, trendy items alongside products you’ll use forever. The good news is that you’ll probably be able to find just what you’re looking for – and you’ll love it. The bad news is that if you’ve got a daughter who’s into makeup, yours might disappear!
  4. Stila has so many options to play with. They aim to provide users with products that allow them to unleash their artistic side, or keep their makeup look conservative. The brand groups the product lines into categories by style so that creating that particular look is easy, like summer looks, golden looks, bridal looks, and more.
  5. Stila products stay put, and that’s huge for busy women. I mean who’s got time to retouch all throughout the day? The colors will stay on and look very vibrant all day so you don’t even need to do touch-ups. Stila products can last through a walk out in the rain, crying, and any other elements life brings over time so you don’t need to worry how your makeup looks all the time. After getting ready the first time, you can be done for the day. If I’m doing makeup, I want to do it once and look fabulous all day.

In addition to makeup, Stila cosmetics also offers a large selection of skincare and hair products. If your hair’s aging right along with the rest of you (mine’s been thinning a bit), you should check out their hair products. I’m finding they make my hair grow and shine and it’s gotten easier to maintain a soft, smooth texture. You get that feeling of being pampered every time you use their products, know what I mean?

Stila Products and How to Apply Them Like a Pro

Stila releases a new collection each season. Sure, you’ll see them in fashion magazines and on runway models in London and New York. But the main objective for Stila is giving all women the tools to create their unique style and look and feel beautiful and confident while having fun getting all prettied up.

Tinted Moisturizer for a Super-Natural Look

The Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer from Stila as well as the Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer may be all you need – especially if you like a very natural look. The illuminating tinted moisturizer gives skin a lovely, bright look. The product gives you light coverage and a beautiful natural glow. Stila cosmetics’ sheer color tinted moisturizer is great for moisturizing skin and providing coverage especially during the summer when you don’t feel like wearing a heavy layer of foundation.

Stila Beauty Balm

Illuminating the skin and protecting it (SPF 30, please!) at the same time is the name of the game. It’s silky and feels so luxurious when you apply it. Just a few drops, and your skin’s dewy and youthful looking – and feeling. It’s good on all skin types and is oil-free, so your pores practically become invisible. Beauty Balm also helps to control shine and decrease redness. A little dab’ll do ya – just smooth a tiny bit on before you go further.

Stila One-Step Correct

Who else wants perfect skin in one step? It looks all science-y with its triple, swirly helix contents. One-Step Correct is a serum that primes your face before you apply your makeup. It also color corrects and brightens your complexion so your skin looks pretty much flawless. The peach swirl makes dark spots and sun damage disappear. The green swirl hides blemishes and camouflages redness. The purple swirl corrects for sallowness and makes you look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed even if you spent half the night awake and staring at the ceiling. This innovative, triple-swirled helix serum instantly primes, color-corrects, brightens and nourishes skin for a flawless face with no fuss. How much is Stila primer? There’s a range – from about $12-$38. Here’s a little tutorial for you.

Stay All Day Long Foundation

Hate it when those hot flashes melt the makeup right off of your face? Ever try to counter-act that “glistening” with powder and end up looking a little like your old Aunt Maude? Yeah, me too. Here’s the solution. You’ll get a natural shine all day – but you won’t feel like a greaseball. The formula includes a bit of concealer and gives a smooth, flawless finish that disguises small marks and pores. You end up looking flawless and radiant (not in the pregnant kinda way, though!). How much is Stila foundation? About $25-$40.

Contouring Brushes

The easiest way to end up looking positively terrifying is to contour wrong. But if you do it right, you can completely transform your face’s lines and proportions. Not for the faint of heart! Here’s a tutorial to help you get good results that don’t look unnatural.


You can also get a modern eyeshadow palette including 10 shades that are neutral, along with dark brown eyeliner. You also receive a special guide that provides guidelines and tips for constructing various looks. Here’s a good tutorial I found helpful, too.

Stila’s Cheek Colors and eyeshadows are sold in a “Pan Form” which allows you to buy the color pots and palettes separately. Stila offers pallets with 4 pans, 6 pans, and 9 pans. A little trivia: Back when Stila cosmetics started, the packaging was all black cardboard tubes. They’ve gotten a lot more stylish these days, and the packaging is made of recycled paper. They’ve also got metallic shades, Magnificent Metals, which are great for an elegant evening out… once you figure out HOW to do it!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is kind of a double-edged sword. It looks gorgeous and lasts for-evah… but only if you know how to apply it. Master the technique, and you’ll find that this gorgeous liner outlasts sweat and even a dip in the pool. It comes in several colors, and they last all day, so you will feel beautiful all day long. How much is Stila eyeliner? There’s a whole range, from about $4 to $22. Here’s a tutorial that’ll show you a few options.

Not a Fan of Liquid Liner? Try This Instead

Shine On Brush Set… and How to Get a FREE Kabuki Brush

Stila’s brushes are an amazing gift for the holiday season and they’re perfect for getting the brush designs you want when applying makeup. These brushes have various sizes, shapes, and styles, allowing you to achieve a beautiful result. The set includes an eyebrow brush, a precision brush, and every other practical brush that a makeup-lover should own for decorating each part of their face. 

Click to Get Your FREE Kabuki Brush

Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick and Lip Glaze

The Stila liquid lipstick is available in many beautiful shades. So many customers are in love with this liquid lipstick because it lasts and lasts, but doesn’t feel like a coat of house paint on your lips. Stila’s Lip Glaze has a twist brush and comes in beautiful shades that actually taste good, like grapefruit, apricot, and watermelon. They say we eat pounds of lipstick over a lifetime, so might as well make it tasty, right? (Ew.) Liquid lipstick requires a deft hand and a little coaching, so this tutorial might be helpful for the uninitiated.

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About Stila Cosmetics As a Business

Janine Lobell created Stila Cosmetics in 1994. Janine is a fashion icon who started out as a makeup stylist. Her brand has gotten exponentially popular because it offers a wide product line of stunning makeup and cosmetic items. Anything a cosmetic-lover could need to achieve their desired look can be obtained thanks to Stila. With Stila, Janine became famous worldwide. While Stila hasn’t entirely taken over the cosmetic world, their status online has made the brand become very popular and devoted customers from all around the globe love their products.

In the year 1999, the brand was purchased by somebody who later sold it to Sun Capital Partners. Since then, the Stila brand has gotten incredibly popular as more people have been brought to the brand due to more exposure from marketing. In the year 2009, Stila was finally a company under Lynn Tilton. For a while, they were selling in China, and that brought its own set of challenges. Top of the list? China (at least then) required cosmetics companies to test on animals. Not cool. Stila has since backtracked from that dealio, and now proudly proclaims itself as a cruelty-free company. So, if you’re wondering, NO… Stila does not test on animals.

Where Can You Buy Stila Cosmetics?

Sephora and Ulta are awesome, either online or if you’ve got one nearby. Stila’s line of cosmetics is refined and professional. There’s a huge range of fun products offered that help you achieve the perfect look each time. Stila’s products look great, feel like buttah, and are beautifully made so that you won’t need to keep looking for a better brand of foundation, brushes, or lipsticks. Stila has everything you need.