When I saw an ad for Crepe Erase on my Facebook newsfeed, I was intrigued.

I mean, Crepe Erase has Dorothy Hamill as a spokesperson, for Pete’s sake! Hey, I wore her hairstyle from about fifth-grade until eighth, and I know Dorothy wouldn’t lie, right?

Plus, the other Crepe Erase model is Jane Seymour, the eternally ethereal beauty from Somewhere In Time. No way would she travel through time and leave young Christopher Reeves behind just to BS me about skincare.

See how scientific I am?

Does Crepe Erase Work?

Girl, you don’t know the half of how easy a sell I am. This is nothing. When I do copywriting for clients, half the time I have to practically lock my wallet in the safe to keep myself from whipping out a credit card. It’s ridiculous. But while I usually cruise right past ads on Facebook, this one grabbed my attention long enough for me to watch their whole video.

I won’t lie… I’ve been extraordinarily blessed in the genes department. My mother turns 72 this month and she is GORGEOUS. People are shocked when they find out how old she is. The same thing happens when people find out that I turned 50 last year. In fact, I’ve had complete strangers guess my age at a decade plus younger than I am, which usually prompts a mini happy dance on my part. Now that I’m letting my gray hair stay gray, I don’t get carded much anymore, but when I was coloring it, it happened almost all the time. It probably helps that I was an avid reader as a kid, and after getting a horrible sunburn on a family beach vacation (the kind of sunburn that leaves you nauseous, shivering, and crying because your bedsheets hurt)… I typically don’t go out much during prime sunburn times.

That Crepey Skin on My Neck, Though…

When I DO go out in the sun, whoever’s with me usually starts our outing by rubbing my sunscreen in better. Globs here or there, you know the look. I can honestly say I’ve taken the “wear sunscreen” advice given in commencement addresses to heart. Except maybe… possibly… I just might have forgotten my neck and decolletage now and then. Okay, maybe more frequently than that.

I’ve got to tell you, it was a bit of a shock when I moved into my current home and the master bath’s vanity mirror was tipped just so at an angle that nearly made me jump out of my crepey skin like there was someone else in the mirror! I started moisturizing like a fiend but it didn’t really do any good. As I’m not a fan of crewneck or scoop neck collars (who likes getting choked by their own shirt?!), my v-neck-filled wardrobe was a pretty good reason to look for a solution.

Enter Dorothy and Jane.

Gotta Say, Crepe Erase Looks Scammy

Hey, even marketers have standards. Thank goodness I’m a bit of a minimalist and I don’t watch television, or else the highly suggestible part of my brain would bankrupt me. Usually, if I watch an ad, I’m dissecting it to pull out the copywriting bits. Headline and hook, benefits and bullet points, objections, call to action, all that. They sell on a subscription model, which can be scammy. If you ever belonged to the Columbia Record Club and tried to cancel your membership, you’ve probably been likewise schooled on the dangers of getting roped into an inescapable subscription plan. I made sure to jot down the cancellation phone number… just in case.

Watching that ad, though, my skeptical self was spellbound.

Those before and after shots got me good. Having pared my makeup bag down to just seven products, using a Rodan + Fields system on my face, and indulging in some Posh bath and body products that I buy from a fellow writer, there was a little bit of wiggle room in my skincare budget. So, I took the plunge, knowing I could return it if it was worthless. I bought the Crepe Erase Essentials System. It includes:

  • 1 full-size Exfoliating Body Polish
  • 1 full-size Intensive Body Repair Treatment
  • And a free gift (the redundancy of that term bugs the stew out of me!)

My gift with purchase? A small jar of eye creme-filled ampules. They feel nice, but I don’t know that I’d order them because there’s no apparent improvement.

Unboxing Day Was a Good Start

Crepe Erase


Someone packed this stuff carefully. Nothing exploded in transit. The usage instructions were clear.

Each morning, you dampen your neck and chest and then apply the Exfoliating Body Polish and rub it in. I do my face scrub (I buy Rodan + Fields from my friend Megan) at the same time, and then hop into the shower to rinse it and do normal shower stuff. When you get out, you rub a pea-sized amount of the Intensive Body Repair Treatment onto your neck and chest for about a minute. That’s it.

Some details that might matter to you:

  • Not tested on animals
  • No parabens or phthalates
  • Not fragrance-free – it’s got a very light citrus scent

Okay, Okay, I’ll Show You How Crepe Erase Works!

You’ve been so patient. But I know that what you really want to know is… Does It Work?????? 

On the left is my “before” picture. On the right, you’ll see my photo from 21 days later. I tried to get the same lighting, angle, all that – more just so I could see for myself whether Crepe Erase was making a difference, but also so I could give you a picture that was worth looking at.

Crepe Erase

Honestly, I was pretty shocked to see such a difference so quickly!

I’ve barely put a dent in the products so far. I can tell that I’ll run out of Body Polish long before I run out of the Body Repair Treatment.

The BEST Way to Buy Crepe Erase… Is Not from CrepeErase.com

If you buy from the site, you CAN get a nice rebate with Rakuten, which is great. In fact, if you buy stuff online on a regular basis, you should definitely register with Rakuten to get cashback on purchases you’d make anyway. Expect to pay about $39.95 for your first shipment, plus tax, if you get the package I got. They have others. The second shipment in your subscription will be more like $59.95 plus shipping, and no gift with purchase.

But… if you have Amazon Prime (you do, don’t you? Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial), you can get the same package for $50 and free shipping. PLUS, no subscription, so you can just order when you want to rather than getting a surprise bill and shipment when you’ve still got half a jar of the creme. My plan is to cancel with CrepeErase.com and just buy what I need with Amazon going forward.

FAQs about Crepe Erase

OK, I’ve got to tell you, all this talk about Crepe-anything now has me kind of craving a Nutella-filled crepe! Not the same at all, but there’s that power of suggestion thing working again!

Anyhow, if you click on the links in this post and buy anything, someone somewhere will send me a few bucks, which I will likely blow on bacon or a nice single-malt scotch, depending. Hope this was helpful!



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