What Should I Keep In Mind When Shopping So I Can Choose The Best Wine Rack?

Enthusiasts of wine tend to truly appreciate aspects of wine lost on the people who prefer or will settle for buying cheap wine. Wine lovers treasure the sparkle, taste, and aroma of a wine glass and sipping wine brings about class, flavor, and excitement. That’s why connoisseurs go hunting for the best wine rack for storing their beloved bottles.  

As your collection of wine bottles begins to grow, you may notice that the mini bar is getting too full. Maybe you’re running out of space for your wine collection. The best next step is investing in a rack for your wine bottles. When shopping for wine racks for the first time, there are some considerations you should keep in mind. This shelf should not merely follow the “it fits, it sits” principle. Here are some pointers for finding the best wine rack for your needs and preferences when it comes to your collection.

How To Pick The Best Wine Rack To Display Your Collection2

What Are Your Needs?

Are you just starting your wine collection? Once you reach the point where your stash lingers instead of getting sipped as soon as it crosses your threshold, it’s time to rack those bottles. Aiming for an impressive collection? You’ll need a big rack. Just planning on a dozen bottles or fewer? You might want to look at a tabletop rack instead. Either way, be sure the rack you get stores your bottles on their sides – that’s the whole point!

Where Is Your Wine Collection Going?

Aside from “in my belly” anyway… The main reason you are looking for your own wine rack probably has to do with proper storage procedures to keep the bottles safe and protected. It is best to store your wine in a dark, cool space. This is the reason there are some homes with built-in wine cellars. Don’t have the right setup for a wine cellar? Not a problem. Just choose an area in your where the sun don’t shine 🙂 Take measurements of the space available and then purchase a rack that fits properly, whether you decide on a cabinet, wall mount, or shelf.

What Kind Of Bottles Are You Storing?

All bottles vary from one another, and you’ve more than likely already noticed that there are some bottles that are taller or wider than others. It’s good to have an idea of the types of bottles you’re trying to store so you can choose a rack that properly fits your bottles. It’s pointless to buy a rack that lets your bottlenecks jet out, which makes them likely to fall out. If there’s too much space, bottles slide inside which makes them vulnerable to vibrations, and it is best to avoid that if you’re trying to keep the wine tasting fresh. The best wine rack fits your space AND your favorite bottles.

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What Style Looks Best?

Planning to put the wine rack in a prominent place in your home and have easy access to it? It’s good to think about purchasing one composed of materials that complement your home’s interior design. A wine rack could be made out of metal, glass, alloy, or wood and they have different finishings. Metal racks painted bronze fit well with rustic themes. Of course, your wine rack is helpful for various functions along with being an accessory in your home. Some new designs even involve incorporating bottle holders underneath coffee tables. Just be careful not to choose design over functionality. You should be sure that despite the material that your rack is composed of, it must be strong enough to store the number of bottles it is intended to hold so that your valued collection won’t crash into millions of glass shards…

After all, if your collection smashes on the floor, what would you drink while you cry and clean it up?