What Gray Hair Remedies Should I Try to Keep My Hair Looking Youthful Without Breaking the Bank?

The process of hair becoming gray is natural as a person ages. However, some people even begin to turn gray much earlier than other people their age and this can be due to several reasons. Fortunately, there are many gray hair remedies available that you can give a try at home to get your gray hair looking like its original color. Take a look at these five DIY home remedies. Some say they’ll keep your grays at bay… but even if that doesn’t happen, at least your tresses will be terrifically healthy. 

#1: Sesame Oil And Carrot Juice

There is a tradition in the south of India where they mix up some sesame oil and carrot juice, along with powder from the Methi seed, and place it outside in the sunlight for it to dry. Once 21 days have passed, the mixture is ready to be used. Massage the concoction into your hair and scalp gently for half an hour every day. After about 3 months, you’ll witness a significant improvement in the way your hair looks, including color, shine, and vitality.

#2: Lemon Juice, Alma, And Curd

Curd with lemon juice mixed together with some Alma powder complement each other in limiting the appearance of gray hair and also stimulating natural hair growth. Put the curd, lemon juice, and Alma onto your scalp and leave it for about 45 minutes. Then, rinse the concoction out of your hair with some warm water. For best results, you should use this solution every other night or day for about 3 months. Then you will notice your hair has become more youthful and radiant in appearance.

#3: Buttermilk And Curry Leaves

Combining buttermilk and curry leaves is a very beneficial remedy to address hair loss and graying hair. This is an old, ancient remedy that has been used throughout the villages of Kerala as part of a cultural tradition, and it is effective for someone of any age. The mixture can be concocted by mixing equal parts buttermilk and the juice from curry leaves. Then boil it slowly over a medium-low source of heat. Once it has cooled, you can then apply it to your scalp and hair. Leave it in for half an hour and rinsing out with some warm water.

#4: Curry Leaves And Natural Coconut Oil

When you combine coconut oil and curry juice, you get a renowned great remedy for strengthening your hair. This solution will be most effective if you apply it consistently to your scalp and hair over a 90-day period, when you can expect the best results. An additional benefit is reducing dandruff and preventing hair loss. Constant application will cause the hair to thicken, as well as enhance the natural color.

#5: Almond Oil And Alma Juice

A blend of almond oil and Alma juice is known to many to be a tried and true natural home remedy for improving your hair’s appearance. It has been shown to have an effect in stimulating your original color and hair regrowth. Essentially, this mixture is packed with vitamins that are great for hair. Work this mixture through the hair for 15 minutes regularly until you’re satisfied with the results. Make sure you use equal parts almond oil and Alma juice.

Gray Hair Remedies

Helpful Tips for Preventing Hair From Graying

These DIY remedies for improving hair can seem like miracles. However, other factors come into play when you account for your regular lifestyle, which affects your health and body overall including your hair.

  • Quit smoking and decrease alcohol intake
  • Dance, walk, or somehow exercise on a regular basis
  • Fill your belly with food rich in vitamins (organic is great for this)
  • Limit your stress levels to their minimum by employing stress relieving activities, such as meditation or yoga
  • Take vitamin supplements required by your body

Now, here at Vested Beauty, we’re pretty proud of our glittery strands. But it’s been a journey to get to that point… a journey colored with a whole lot of hair dye. Whatever color you go with, your hair will look its best when it’s at its healthiest. The products that worked well on your hair when you were younger may not work quite so well on this whole new head of hair you’re working on. 

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Gray Hair Remedies